Loads of power, loads of Experience…


        …you can’t Box-shift good after-care.

loads, Informal. very much; a great deal

pow·er noun. ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

“Loads of Power” is a way of thinking. You can’t box-shift good after care! “Loads of Power” has its roots in the power of experience and empathy.  “Loads of Power” addresses and fills a gap vacated by decent maintenance houses of the past.

Larger companies are now distributing most products. Some of these large companies do a good job. Increasingly the balance sheet dictates that non-profitable areas need to be streamlined. This can result in poor performance in customer care, particularly in the technical areas. It’s not always a deliberate ploy by some company’s to act in this way but in fact it’s a by-product of how products are now marketed and sold today.

We will always do what’s best in the interests of our customers. We don’t install or hire audio equipment so our focus is on support.

We believe it’s hard to find an under-class in products these days and rather than compete with large manufacturers or distributors as some have tried, we’d rather support them in areas we believe they are challenged. Therefore in most cases their support is important where possible. “Loads of Power” is about symbiotic relationships but with a full understanding that there’s “Loads of Power” in good customer care.