Our WorkShops

With over 50 combined years of experience in pro-audio maintenance your equipment is safe in our hands. Our speciality is the repair of high powered amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Our electronics workshop consists of four fully equipped workbenches. We use test equipment from the following:

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In addition to the regular time domain measurements, tests can be carried out in the frequency domain – up to 96kHz. We only undertake repairs for products we can obtain schematics for.

All products are repaired to component level where possible in order to maintain component MTBF. Where a job is likely to take over 1.5-2 hours, depending on the brand, module replacement is recommended where applicable.

Loudspeaker Maintenance

We have a dedicated loudspeaker repair shop complete with burn-in facility. Most loudspeakers are assessed within five working days of receipt and often repaired, parts permitting within the same time frame.

2 types FFT analysis software are used for studio monitor set-up and verification. One is SMAART and the other is Audio Capture. Both these pieces of software are world renown for their accuracy and acceptability by audio pros. In the case of Audio Capture our special version allows us to confirm transducer small parameters and confirm dispersion characteristics to almost any resolution.

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We have recently invested in a go no-go speaker test facility utilising Lab.gruppens’ PLM fingerprint technology. This is an exciting coup for us as this technology will indicate when a loudspeaker transducer has been re-coned, its wear and whether the loudspeaker has original parts. These types of tests cannot be performed using traditional FFT measurements unless in laboratory conditions.