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audio amp repair

We are the appointed UK service centre for the popular high-definition studio monitor brand. We have worked extensively for the last 3 years with the UK distributor on all service matters.

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audio amp repairWe are the only UK service centre for Kind Audio amp repair. The Italian company are well known for their leading edge R&D in both switched output stages and PSU’s. Ampman Audio Services have been a service partner with Kind Audio for more than 3 years and can provide a full repair service for all legacy products.

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audio amp repairIn addition to Amber Sound we are the only factory trained service hub for the full Meyer Sound loudspeaker range in the UK. We have more than 25 years experience with this premium loudspeaker and electronics brand.



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audio amp repair

We are an appointed service and spares portal for the well known Italian audio company. Our remit is for the repair of out-of-warranty Legacy products.


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Db Technologies | audio amp repair

We provide repair work for dB Technologies analogue products that are out of warranty only. dB Technologies no longer manufacture analogue amplifiers for their self-powered speakers so the amplifier repairs are by swap-out only. We will repair legacy products such as Forty/Fifty line series as well as discontinued products like the Opera Live/modular/lyric series. We will in due course, list all the dB Technolgies loudspeakers with analogue amplifiers in them. We will also supply rare electronic components such as SAP16s should you wish to repair the products yourself. We are unable to supply original dB Technologies transducers (until our stocks run out) but in most cases we can suggest alternatives for your legacy product. If you require warranty repairs please contact dB technologies directly:

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