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We are the UK authorised service agent for Lab Gruppen. As such we supply spare parts and unrivalled technical expertise on all Lab Gruppen products regardless of age.


Our new dedicated UK Lab.gruppen repair site is a good starting point for information on warranty support and technical knowledge. The new site is constantly updated and will have new services added over time.


This very high quality product range was first imported into the UK in 1992. We have been working with Lab Gruppen since that time and see the product range as one of the pinnacles of power amplification design.

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If you have a fault with a Lab Gruppen product.


  1. Confirm your product is faulty by reading the user manual supplied.
  2. Obtain a Job number from us via the web form, Email, FAX or phone.
  3. Give as much detail as possible i.e. under what conditions does the fault occur? hot, cold, damp etc.
  4. Send the product back to us securely packed with the Job number on and inside and outside of the package.
  5. We will repair and return your product free of charge if it’s under warranty.
  6. If your product is out of warranty we will provide an estimate prior repair. There is a charge for estimates except for Lab.gruppen products under 10 years old. Should you accept the estimate the estimate charge, where applicable will not be included in the final invoice. Please read our terms and conditions
  7. We will only repair if given the go-ahead in writing. A deposit may be required from non Lab.gruppen account customers for all jobs.
  8. Original proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Copies, scans and formatted word processor documents will not always be accepted from non account customers.


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The standard warranty on Lab.Gruppen products is dependent on the type of product.
Please read this carefully