About Us

Originally, conceived in 2000 Ampman Audio Services never came into being until 2007 at a time when the general pro audio market changed its customer support ethos.

We are a small company with a background in the repair of high-powered audio amplifiers. We have applied our knowledge and service experience to the repair of loudspeakers both powered and passive.

Our repair service is to manufacturers, installation and live-sound companies. Our services now go beyond bench repairs in the guise of bespoke field service and technical support for our partners.

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Performance verification is paramount to our operation as is professional dialogue- you’ll still get a ‘legendary’ Ampman sticker on all gear that passes our tests. We like to form good relationships with our customers be they professional or end user, they’re all equally important to us.

We have a team of individuals that make this all happen and unlike some repair houses we’re always evolving but never forgetting our core audio background.

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Our future

Our future is always one of surprise but always based on support. Our team is focused purely on customer support be it repairs, spares or sales brokerage.


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